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You are what you....

Nailing your nutrition is all about carbs, carbs, carbs, right?


Yes, carbs absolutely play a vital role in how you perform.

But the old school days of huge bowls of pasta pre-race, and scoffing sports gels til they come out of your ears are long gone.

Like training science, nutrition science has moved on.


But so many triathletes are still stuck in the dark ages.

Did you know, the reason why most athletes fall well short of their performance goals in races, rarely has to do with bad training, or a lack of strength and fitness.

Sure, those can be the culprits.

But more and more, when athletes first sign up with us at Brownlee Fitness, and tell us about their struggles, the reasons for their sub-par performances usually revolve around:

Not eating enough, and bonking.

Eating too much, and suffering painful (sometimes embarrassing!) gastric issues.

Overdoing the carbs, and experiencing severe energy crashes.

Sodium imbalances, and getting dehydrated, or suffering from bloating, water retention, or a massively elevated heart rate.

These things SUCK.

Because when you’ve put in so much effort with a super consistent 8 or 12 week training block, only to have your race day performance scuppered because of nutrition?

Well, you don’t need me to tell you how annoying that is.

This is why we have a full-time sports performance expert on our team.

He’s on-hand to advise all our athletes on their nutrition plans.

We get detailed, and dive into exactly what each person needs on an individual basis.

It’s all well and good saying “athletes need carbs” or “hydration is important.”

But do you know how many carbs you need?

Do you know when to eat those carbs?

Do you know what foods you respond best to?

Are you a sodium-heavy sweater, or do you need to hold back on the salt intake?

And do you know how many calories you need to maintain race weight, but not under fuel your performance?

If not …

You probably should.

So why not give our coaching services a test drive?

We have coaching options for all levels of athlete, from beginner, to those shooting for world champ status.

Plus, you can choose the level of support and accountability you need.

From self-guided plans, right up to fully bespoke 1:1 coaching.

Check out all our options here.



Got your training nailed, but fancy a nutrition-only consultation?

No problem.

Just go here to schedule a one-off session to help you know exactly what and when you need to eat to fuel performance, aid recovery, and make the most from your training:


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