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Anyone for 🎂?

The best thing about triathlon?


It’s not the thrill of podiuming at a race.

It’s not setting a new PB in training.

And it’s not even opening up Strava to see 50 likes on your latest workout.

It’s the obligatory coffee and cake stop on a Sunday group ride. 

I don’t care how dedicated you are, getting out there on a long ride with likeminded people, and then bonding over a flat white (or tea in Al and Jonny’s case,) and a big slice of carrot cake or lemon drizzle?

There’s nothing better.

In speaking with a few athletes recently though, they told me they’ve had coaches tell them that foods like cake are off-limits.

Apparently, they’re not nearly high enough in nutrients.

Or they’re “empty calories.”

Well, I can tell you what we think of that at Brownlee Fitness:


We don’t ban our athletes from eating foods like cake.

We actively encourage it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m obviously not saying that cake is as healthy a food as broccoli, or an apple.

But if you’re training hard and want to perform at your best, there is ABSOLUTELY a place for foods like cake in your nutrition plan. 

I’d even go as far as saying, cake is a pretty good form of intra-workout nutrition.

It’s mostly carbohydrates with a little fat.

Plus, it digests easily. 

And let’s face it - most of us can’t survive a long ride on gels alone.

See, it’s important to not just follow a nutrition plan that’s geared up for your own personal goals, but one that you enjoy, too.

That’s why, when we coach athletes in their nutrition, we make sure we don’t just get them to eat the same old boring foods day after day.

Sure, we place a heavy emphasis on things like fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, wholegrains and the like.

But at the same time, we factor in so-called “junk food.”

Especially during intense training blocks, when calorie demands are higher, sometimes our athletes need foods like that.

And what’s the point of life if you don’t enjoy what you’re eating?

So look, I know some people like to stick to a really bland, boring meal plan.

Maybe because it makes them feel virtuous?

But if that’s not what you want, why not check out Brownlee Fitness Nutrition Coaching.

When you work with our team of experts, everything is 100% personalised to you.

We start with a consultation to get a detailed analysis of your goals, your schedule, and your training and nutrition history.

Then we provide custom plans and loads of options for what to eat.

We’ll set you up with supplement advice, and talk you through your ideal calorie intake, and your ratio of macronutrients. (Protein, carbs and fat.)

And then we provide ongoing feedback, so you know exactly what tweaks to make and when, and can tailor your nutrition around your training and racing schedule.

You’ll always have an expert in your corner.

And, if I put a word in, we can even get them to recommend the best mid-session cake choices to help fuel you up those last few hills ;) 

Anyway, if that’s something you think would help you hit that next level of performance, and you see the benefit in having a bit more nutrition guidance…


Brownlee Fitness


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