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Paying Forward Our Experiences

Our triathlon careers have been fulfilling, marked by great achievements and connections. Through Brownlee Fitness, we aim to share our journey, offering affordable ways to help others embrace and enjoy swimming, biking, and running as much as we do.

Alistair & Jonny Brownlee 

Why Brownlee Fitness?

We support athletes from beginner to elite, achieve incredible results, using our proven training methodology.


You will have access to over 350+ different training sessions, expertly programmed to meet your race distance and objectives - all of which have been designed and tested by Alistair & Jonny. 


You will have access to Olympic level coaches who have been where you are, whether you're just starting out or trying to reach that next level of performance.


You will be apart of a vibrant, global, diverse community that is united through our exclusive Members App. Here our coaching team, including Alistair & Jonny converge to communicate and share insights, to help you with your Triathlon journey. 

Outstanding training plan! Despite being on the opposite side of the world from the coaching team, I feel completely supported and guided.


New Caledonia

Being part of such a dynamic community is fantastic, and the training plan has been instrumental in enhancing my performance.



This is a truly smart approach that keeps me fit throughout the year, allowing me to peak for races, perform at my best, and remain injury-free.



We have happy athletes from all over the world

Don't take our word for it...

The only training subscription you will ever need

STP Dive_edited.jpg



Plans+ offers you access to all the Brownlee Brothers training plans for a low cost monthly fee.



Pay for Plans+ annually and receive a 20% discount 

Triathlon Training Insights Straight

To Your Inbox

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