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6 steps to bulletproof your nutrition

You can have the best training plan in the world, but if your nutrition isn’t on

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You'll struggle to deliver your best performances

The triathlon world has come a long way in terms of nutrition in the last few years.

But there are still plenty of myths flying around.

And a lot of athletes place nutrition as an afterthought, rather than something to really prioritise.

But that’s a mistake.

Because apart from sleep, nutrition is perhaps the biggest driver of recovery.

And it’s definitely the one thing that can have the biggest impact on your performance and energy levels.

But what’s the best nutrition strategy?

Do you need to slam down the cals, or hold back so you stay light and lean?

Pound platefulls of pasta pre-race, or take a more measured approach to carb loading?

And is protein really all that… Or something only bodybuilders need to worry about?

Well, you can find out all that and more in this Brownlee Fitness blog:

In this article, you’ll get our 6 best (and basic) pieces of advice for eating right to improve your training.

So whether you’re finding you’re training well, but reocvering poorly…

Just can’t nail your race nutrition…

Or you’re straight up confused by all this talk of proteins, carbs, fats and calories…


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