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Stop making this mistake

As triathletes, we want to be light and lean.Whatever way you slice it, carrying too much excess weight isn’t going to help your performance. 

And in order to stay in race condition, we need to watch our diets. 

Trouble is, something we see a lot here at Brownlee Fitness when athletes come to us, is that they’re not eating nearly enough.

They’ve convinced themselves that to stay at a good weight, they need to really cut down on the calories. 

Or they restrict themselves to small portions, and only eat carbs around training.

And while that might help keep your weight down, it also poses 2 problems:

1. You’re very likely under-fuelling.

Training nutrition isn’t just about what you eat during a session.

Your overall nutrition plays a huge role in how much effort and intensity you can put in when you’re training.

So if you’re not eating enough on rest days or light days, you’re going to suffer badly when it comes to your tougher training days.

2. You’re also under-recovering.

Us triathletes love to get really into the weeds with recovery methods like foam rolling, ice baths, and sports massage.

But very few put enough focus on what REALLY drives recovery - nutrition.

Getting the balance between eating enough to train and recover optimally, while not stacking on the extra kilos is hard.

But if you’re struggling, we can help with that.

Our bespoke nutrition coaching is designed to fuel your performance and boost your endurance, while ensuring you stay in the condition you’re happy with.

Some of our nutrition clients want to shave a little weight in preparation for their next race, but find they bonk whenever they try to “diet” on their own.

Others know they need to add a little muscle, but aren’t sure how to do this in a healthy way.

And some just appreciate a helping hand when it comes to planning the ideal nutrition strategy for them, so they feel GREAT in training sessions, and turn up on race day in peak condition.

When you sign up, you get:

A personalised consultation to discuss your specific goals, hurdles, and dive deep into your nutrition history, so we can design the perfect plan for you.

Custom meal plans which take the stress out of planning your meals, while giving you a tonne of variety so you’re not tied down to eating just chicken, pasta and vegetables.

Supplement advice so you know exactly what to take and when, to support performance, recovery, and optimal body composition.

Ongoing support from your own expert coach, meaning you’re never left on your own, can get your questions answered whenever you need, and have a world class specialist in your corner, making tweaks and adjustments as required.

Our team comprises seasoned runners and Olympic level coaches who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the nutrition world, and if you’re looking for some guidance, they’d love to help.


Brownlee Fitness


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