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Yikes, that's really painful!

ITB syndrome:

It’s every triathlete’s worst nightmare.

And it’s one of the most common triathlon injuries. 

ITB (Iliotibial Band) syndrome occurs when there’s repetitive friction between the IT band on the outside of your leg, and the femur. 

The bad news is, there’s no “quick fix” if you develop IT band syndrome.

But the good news is, it’s not TOO difficult to prevent.

Here are 3 things that’ll help you out:

1. Get Stronger Glutes

Weak glutes are a BIG cause of ITB syndrome, so it makes sense to strengthen them. 

You’re going to want a combo of exercises here, including lateral moves (things like X-band walks, clam shells, or using the abduction machine at the gym,) along with single-leg work.

(Think split squats, step-ups, lunges, or single-leg deadlifts.)

If you need a hand with this, check out The Brownlee Fitness Strength Plan.

2. Up Your Volume Gradually

Doing too much too soon is a recipe for disaster.

We all want to run and ride further, faster and more frequently, but you’ve got to build up slowly.

Try not to increase your total training volume more than 10-20% week on week, and if you feel things aren’t quite right, don’t be afraid to stay with the same volume from one week to the next, or even scale back slightly. 

3. Check Your Set-Up

Poor bike mechanics are another major culprit. 

While it might not seem like too big a deal to be very slightly misaligned when you’re riding, even just being 1 or 2 degrees off can cause major damage when you replicate this for miles and miles.

Head down to your local bike shop for a professional bike fit.

Or, if you’re tight on time, check out our virtual bike fit service.

When it comes to injuries, prevention really is the best form of cure.

So take your time to get strong, and don’t let your ego rule the roost when it comes to volume and intensity.

Train smart, and you’ll stave off injury for a whole lot longer.


Brownlee Fitness


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