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How to PB your next Marathon

With marathon season well and truly in full swing, nailing a PB over 26.2 miles might just be on the cards for you this summer.

If it is, you’ll love this blog from Brownlee Fitness coach, Andy McGhee.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with literally hundreds of athletes who’ve been preparing for marathons.

So it’s safe to say, we know what works (and what doesn’t!) when it comes to hitting a PB in the distance.

Still though, this blog brings a few more ‘unexpected’ tips into play.

I’ve been guilty of not doing number 5, for instance.

And I know a lot of people really neglect number 7.

So check out the blog, implement Andy’s advice, and get ready to PB this summer.

What’s cool is, these tips don’t just apply for a marathon, either.

You could use them for a half, a 10k, or an ultra.

They’d even apply to anyone shooting for a park run PB as well.

They’re highly versatile.

Just like our Plans+ coaching.

Plans+ gives you literally every single training program we’ve ever created.

From sprint distance tris, to Ironman distance, and even specialist programs just for running, swimming, cycling, or strength.

You get everything. The whole 9 yards.

And for just one monthly payment of £35.

(Which you can cancel any time.)

Once you’re in, you simply pick what plan you want to follow…

It’s delivered direct to your device…

Then you get total access to support from our Olympic level coaches, and access to the whole Brownlee Fitness community.

Plus, if you want to change your plans at any point, you can do.

Doing that is as simple as picking another one from the library, and getting started.

And all for the cost of a pub lunch for 2. 

Fancy seeing what we’re all about?


Brownlee Fitness


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