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Is THIS the best morning routine?

There’s a lot of talk around the importance of morning routines.

You have people talking about ice baths and morning meditation…

Productivity experts like Andrew Huberman promoting the benefits of an outside walk first thing…

And then the David Goggins type people who like to run 15 miles and hit a 2-hour weights workout before they’ve even had their Cornflakes!

All of this begs the question -

What’s the best morning routine for triathletes?

Well, the answer might surprise you, but it’s probably whatever works best for YOU.

I know that’s boring.

But it’s true.

Personally, I like to start my days with a dog walk.

I head out for a mile or two with my pooch, Billy, come back and grab breakfast, then get stuck into my work for a few hours, before taking a break to train.

Others might prefer to do some meal prep, some journaling, or even some stretching.

And then there are others who LOVE an early morning workout.

(Or maybe they have to get their training done early doors, because they don’t get the chance to get it done otherwise.)

The only real thing that matters is -

Is your morning routine sustainable, and is it setting you up for the day ahead?

At Brownlee Fitness, we help athletes with all different schedules and routines.

That means sometimes our coaches plan a client’s workouts so they get every session done before 6am, before the kids are up, and before the day really begins.

While other times, they’re working with clients who have more flexibility, can afford a later start, and so for these clients, the day can begin with some highly beenfifical recovery work.

Like I said though, the key thing is that your morning routine is whatever you can stick to, and whatever makes you a better athlete.

Do you have a morning routine?

If so, it’d be cool to hear what it is.

Feel free to reply to this email and let me know.


Brownlee Fitness


I couldn’t mention Billy and then not show you just how cute he is.


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