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We are LIVE

Great news,

The Brownlee Fitness Strength Plan for Triathletes Program is now LIVE.

This brand new program is designed to help you:

Bulletproof your body from injury, by developing ironclad muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Improve your efficiency and technique, meaning you see improvements in strength and endurance, without more zone 2 and zone 3 work.

Tap into your top end power and explosiveness, so you become a more powerful, durable athlete.

Give you a structured program to follow, so you finally see the benefits of your S&C training on the road, at the track, or in the water.

Easily fit strength training into your week, even if you have a high-stress job, a busy family life, and already struggle to get all your training done.

Share the exact protocols, workouts and exercises Al, Jonny, and all the Brownlee Fitness coaches and athletes use to keep them in peak condition year-round.

Give you that extra edge over your competition, by accessing new levels of performance you can’t get from aerobic work alone.

And a whole lot more.

Al and Jonny have made no secret of the fact strength training plays a critical part in their success.

And from coaching literally hundreds of triathletes at all different levels, we’ve seen first-hand just what an impact strength training can have on performance.

But it has to be strength training done RIGHT.

A few squats on a BOSU ball won’t cut it.

Neither will hundreds and hundreds of step-ups.

And you don’t just want to just be following a routine from a bodybuilding magazine or fitness influencer, either.

You need a plan designed by triathletes, for triathletes.

Plus, for a very limited time (until Sunday night at midnight,) you can get access for just £15.

That’s it.

So for less than the cost of the energy gels you’d consume on your next 70.3, you can have a tailored strength plan, with updates every 4 weeks, geared up to provide you with everything from mobility to activation exercises, and improve strength, speed, power, recovery and endurance.

Oh, and there’s no minimum commitment either.

So you can try the program out for a month and see how you get on.

Want to become a founding member?


CMO, Brownlee Fitness


After Sunday, the price of the program may very well rise.

We wanted to roll this out at a super affordable rate, because we truly value those who jump on board and become founding members.

There’s zero pressure to join.

But if you choose to come on board later, just be aware, the price is unlikely to be as low as it is now.

So to start getting some serious performance gains from your S&C, for less than the cost of a new pair of running socks, just click here.


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