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Change of plans? Here’s how to still crush your goals…

It doesn’t matter how carefully you plan your training, sometimes, things just don’t work out.

It could be an injury meaning you have to skip an event…

Maybe a family trip comes up on a weekend you had a race planned…

Or perhaps you get a last minute chance to compete at your dream event, and need to switch gears to make sure you’re ready in time.

Knowing how to change your training in any of these situations is hard.

But there’s where Plans+ excels.

Where most triathlon training programs are fixed and rigid, Plans+ is highly flexible.

When you join, you get access to every single plan we have. 

A smorgasbord of triathlon delights, if you will.

And that means it’s very easy to change things up, should you need to.

Sometimes, that might mean stepping up your game, and going for a bigger, tougher event, while doubling down on your training intensity and volume.

Other times, it might mean scaling back, because a little thing called “life” gets in the way.

But whatever it is, when you have Plans+, changing track is as simple as just picking another plan, and kickstarting that.

Plus, you get full support and feedback from our expert coaches.

So if you’ve been putting off signing up with a coach because you’re worried you’ll be tied into a set training plan, or given a schedule that just doesn’t work with your other commitments?

Then you might want to check out Plans+.


Brownlee Fitness


Plans+ is also just £35 per month.

There’s no minimum contract.

And your investment includes support and feedback, as well as access to our fantastic Brownlee Fitness community.


Everything’s personalised to you, and delivered directly to your device.


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