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There’s this weird notion in triathlon that you shouldn’t listen to music or keep yourself entertained when training.

And I completely get it.

When you’re out on a run, there’s something amazing about being in nature. 

And there’s also a lot to be said for ‘sucking it up’ and really focusing on your training, making sure you’re working at the right intensity.

But still, let’s not beat around the bush -

Long aerobic sessions can be boring!

Call me unmotivated, but I know that from time to time, I really benefit from some “entertainment” when riding or running.

And so does Jonny.

At the end of last year, he made a post on Instagram and was asked:

“Do you need to do anything to pass the time or happy to sit and contemplate life with your own thoughts?”

To which he replied:

“Yeah I need lots! I do it all on Zwift so I have something to watch and the gradient changes.

Then had highlights of euro cross on and then match of the day! A lot going on!”

A lot of people would think that JB is so focused and in the zone that he doesn’t need anything apart from his own pain to get him through sessions.

But that’s not the case. 

Sure, obviously he does do sessions when he has nothing to keep him occupied apart from his own thoughts.

And in group sessions, he’ll be chatting to fellow riders and runners.

But when going it alone?

Netflix comes on, the headphones come out, and he’s perfectly happy to watch a bit of TV.

So if you’re not motivated to get out on a run, maybe consider putting on a podcast, or listening to an audiobook.

Or when you’re on the bike, spend time catching up on ‘The Crown’ or the David Beckham doc. 

There’s nothing weak or unmotivated about keeping yourself entertained while training.

If Jonny needs a bit of stimulus from TV or music, I think we can all benefit.


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