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Triathlon … It’s a 🧠 game

When shooting for faster times, it’s natural to think about.

  • Increasing your VO2 max

  • Boosting your FTP

  • What you eat to help you recover

  • Refining your technique, so you’re more efficient in the water, on the bike, or on the road.

And all that kinda stuff.

But what most don’t think about, is their mindset.

What goes on between your ears.

The old ‘grey matter.’

Despite this though, psychology is so key in how you perform.

I mean, think about it, how many professional athletes don’t have some kind of psychological coaching.

Even if they only see a mindset coach or sports psychologist occasionally, the whole idea of “brain training” has moved on a lot in recent years.

From Tom Brady to Ronnie O’Sullivan …

Michael Jordan to Mo Farah …

Even Mark Cavendish was singing the praises of his sports psychologist Dr. David Spindler recently.

Elite-level psychological coaching like this is something we offer all our Brownlee Fitness athletes, too.

What many people don’t know, is that alongside our top-tier performance coaching, all our clients have access to a world class sports psychologist, Dr. Jorge Boim.

Dr. Jorge was handpicked by Al and Jonny, and has been such an incredible asset for our entire squad.

Clearly, we’re not saying a strong mindset can make up for weak legs or a lazy set of lungs!

But if you’re looking for that extra edge in your performance, or you simply want to calm the nerves and anxiety you get before races, or even before big training sessions …

When you sign up with us, Dr. Jorge is at your disposal.

That said, whether you choose to become part of team Brownlee or not, just do us a favour?

Don’t neglect your “brain training.”

A resilient mindset can be the difference between a top class performance, and a ‘must-do-better-next-time’ result.


Want to experience the incredible talents of Dr. Jorge, but not quite ready for our full coaching options just yet?

No problem.

You can schedule a one-off consultation with the man himself below.


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