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Are you not a fan of pizza?

No one in their right mind dislikes pizza,

Okay, if you’re gluten intolerant, it might be a different matter.

Even so, they make some pretty good gluten-free pizzas these days. 

But whatever your dietary restrictions, and whatever your choice of toppings, it’s safe to say, pizza is one of life's culinary miracles.

But what if you had to eat pizza every day for a whole year?

At first, that might seem like the dream.

But over time, you’d get bored.

Even if you started with the most delicious base, the creamiest mozzarella, the richest tomato sauce, and some high-end artisan toppings, eventually, you’d get pallet fatigue.

Meals would go from a pleasure to a chore.

And you’d do anything to avoid pizza.

That is, unless you had variety.

Let’s say you were allowed to switch between thin and crispy, deep dish and stuffed crust. 

You could vary the cheese.

Maybe go for a pizza bianca once in a while.

And have unlimited topping choice.

Then that year wouldn’t be so arduous.

See, variety truly is the spice of life.

And not just when it comes to food.

But in cycling, too.

One big mistake a lot of cyclists make (even the more advanced ones,) is having zero variety in their training.

They do the same routes.

The same speeds.

The same intensities.

Week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Which means their training plateaus.

And, just like force-feeding yourself the same plain margarita or soggy Hawaiin all the time, they get bored.

This is why, if you want to excel on the bike, variety is essential.

I don’t mean variety for the sake of variety though.

There needs to be purpose in your training, and each specific session needs a reason, and a goal.

But when you have that?

Well, you can watch your speed, strength and fitness on the bike fly.

Clearly, you can try implementing more variety into your bike training on your own.

With the way our Plans+ program now works, you get access to ALL our plans, for just one low monthly cost.

Plus, you get feedback, advice and community support.

So if you have a cycling-specific goal, there’s no need to jump through a load of hoops, or search high and low for a plan that’s just cycling…

Join Plans+ and get all the bike-based help and programming you need.



By the way, on the topic of pizza, we also give custom nutrition advice with Plans+.

And yes, pizza is very much on the menu.

If you train big, you’ve got to eat big, right?

Here’s that link again:



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