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Last Chance

Today’s your last chance to access the founder member discount for the Brownlee Fitness Swim Plan.

For just £15 per month, you get:


✅ Carefully planned out pool sessions, giving you everything you need to increase your swim speed, strength and endurance.


✅ Choice of multiple programs, so there’s something to suit you, whether you’re a beginner or advanced swimmer, and no matter how hectic you are, or what your racing goals may be. 

✅ Updates every 4 weeks - No longer feel like you’re simply going through the motions with training, but actively see yourself improve, every single week, while keeping training fresh and exciting.


✅ Technical drills, speed work AND endurance-based sessions, so you become the ultimate all-rounder in the pool.


✅ Interaction with our Olympic level coaches, so you can get personal help and advice.


✅ Plus, full integration with Training Peaks, making the plans simple and easy to follow.



The Swim Plan is ridiculous value for just £15.

That’s why, after today, we’re looking to raise the price.

But for now, you can still gain access for the lowest price this will ever be…

and with no minimum commitment.

So why not take the Swim Plan for a test drive, and see what you think?


Brownlee Fitness



If there’s one area that’s hardest to improve in triathlon, it’s the swim.

Many a great runner and cyclist have been held back by their poor performance in the pool.

So whether you’re a recreational triathlete or pushing for the podium, don’t let that be you.

It’s not hard to quickly improve your swim times, but you do need a specialised plan.

And with our swimming specific program, that’s exactly what you get.

This is the last email I’m sending about the founder discounted rate, so go here before it’s too late.



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