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You swim like a bag of hammers

Updated: Jan 9

Being told you swim like a bag of hammers is hardly going to make you feel like the next Michael Phelps.

But that’s exactly what an athlete I was speaking with last week told me a friend had said to him.



But true?


Because like it or lump it, swimming is definitely the one discipline most triathletes struggle with technique-wise.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many hours you put in at the pool, if you look like an extra from Jaws, or your technique is more Ian Beale than Ian Thorpe, you’re never going to get your best tri times.

That’s where The Brownlee Fitness Swim Plan comes in.

Designed specifically to help you improve your swim technique and performance, just a few weeks on the plan will see you swim faster, for longer, with far less effort.

We’ve designed this with busy triathletes in mind.

Meaning even if you have just an hour or two's pool time a week, you can still glide gracefully through the water, and finally feel like your pool performance isn’t holding you back.

The plans are updated every 4 weeks.

We also target 4 key areas:


  • Mobility

  • Activation

  • Stability

  • Strengthening

The trouble with most swim-specific programs is they either spend all their time on technique…

Or more or less no time on technique.

But we’ll design a plan specific to you, that factors in every aspect you need to be as confident in the water as you are on the bike and on the road or track.

So instead of you sinking like a stone, the only thing that’ll drop is your times.


CMO, Brownlee Fitness



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