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Are you a carbivore? 🦕

While most of the fitness world is giving carbohydrates the boot…

At Brownlee Fitness, we’re actively encouraging our athletes to hop on board the carb train, and move at top speed to Glucose-ville.

Seriously, the amount of pasta our squad consumes would probably put an average Italian village to shame.

See, low-carb diets for endurance athletes are becoming more and more popular.

And for some folks, they do work.

Kind of.

But the research is still pretty clear -

For most people looking to improve speed, endurance, and optimise recovery, carbs are your friends.

You can read more on exactly why in this mini series we put together:

Clearly, you don’t just want to gorge on bread and cakes all day, every day.

But if you’re training hard and consistently, the last thing you want is to be swapping out every last bowl of cereal or steaming baked potato for limp lettuce and soggy broccoli.

Carbs are the primary macronutrient for both recovery and energy.

So there’s no need to feel bad or guilty if they form a major part of your diet.

So do we have a deal?

Can we all ditch the “carb guilt?”

Good :)


CMO, Brownlee Fitness


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