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Why are Carbohydrates important? Part 1.

The quantity of carbohydrates an individual needs depends on their current goal. For weight loss, it is recommended to consume slow-release carbs along with fruits and vegetables. These foods provide a feeling of fullness, sustained energy, and satisfaction while keeping calorie intake low.

If you're focused on sports performance and not trying to lose weight, consuming fast-acting carbohydrates such as toast, sports drinks, rice, cereal, or sweets around your training can provide optimal fuel with minimal digestive discomfort. Additionally, including slow-release carbs in your main meals is recommended.

For weight maintenance, a balanced and healthy diet is crucial, and a mix of both fast-acting and slow-release carbs may be appropriate.

While carbohydrates are a great source of fuel, many individuals consume too much or too little. Understanding your specific carbohydrate needs and timing can make a significant difference in achieving your goals.


If you need help working out how many you need, why not book a consultation with Emma?


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