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Weekly ZWIFT Open Race Night

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

It's on!

Every Wednesday we're running a Brownlee Fitness ZWIFT Race where anyone can join. This week we had a great turn out with a two lap 32K flat ride - the first 22k was at Zone 2 with a few Z3 efforts, finishing with a 10K race.

Jonny joined us, with Bucko our Head Coach leading the session. Age Grouper Pete Pastides was set as the Race Lead with an FTP at 240.

Pete, Andy Mcghee (Brownlee Fitness Coach) and Squad member Adam Kiernan all joined forces on the new Brownlee Fitness Virtual Training platform in Hamble, on the incredible Wahoo KICKR Bikes.

If you want to join us click here and select the Brownlee Fitness Racing (ZWIFT) Link.

Some shots from last nights race.


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