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The Secrets To Improving Your Time Trial Cycling: Position & Power

Cycling time trials are often called the "Race of Truth". In these races, it’s just you against the clock. Improving your time isn’t always about sheer force or speed; it’s a combination of optimal positioning and consistent power output.

1. The Right Position: The primary goal is to reduce drag. Even a few millimeters adjustment can make a significant difference over the course of a time trial. Focus on:

Torso Angle: A lowered torso reduces wind resistance. However, the angle should still allow for efficient power transfer.

Elbow Position: Bringing your elbows closer together can streamline your profile further.

2. Powering Through: Your power output should harmonize with your cycling position. It's not just about exerting more force but exerting it efficiently.

Targeted Training: Emphasize workouts that enhance muscle groups specific to your cycling position.

Stamina: A burst of power is good, but maintaining that power consistently is crucial.

3. Regular Evaluations: Just as you would check your bike’s tire pressure or brakes regularly, consistently evaluate and tweak your position. Use feedback, sensations, and even filming yourself to make minute adjustments.

Improving your time trial performance is a delicate balance between position and power. It’s a journey of self-awareness and physiological understanding.

A great place to start is our virtual bike fit


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