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On yer bike

Speak to a lot of triathletes, and they’ll tell you their favourite part of the sport is cycling.

There’s nothing quite like getting out there and hitting those open roads.

The pride that comes from covering 40, 60, or 100+ miles entirely under your own steam…

Being able to put in a solid ride and some big distance before the rest of the family is even up on a Sunday…

And let’s remember that one ESSENTIAL component of any long group ride: The obligatory stop for coffee and cake.

(Shame they can’t make that bit a 4th discipline in the Olympics. Some of our coaches would excel at that one.)

There’s no doubt about it, cycling can be a lot of fun.

Maybe it’s because so many of us have fond memories of summer days spent riding bikes without a care in the world when we were young. 

Or perhaps it’s just the exhilaration of speeding around corners, or crushing a savage descent. 

But we also want to improve our performance, right?

Even if we’re not lining up at races every weekend, there’s a lot to be said for getting fitter, faster and stronger on the bike.

Because not only does that give you a huge sense of accomplishment (or make you much more competitive if and when you do compete,) but it makes riding easier, too.

The good news is though, making improvements to your cycling can actually be pretty simple.

And you can see changes fairly fast.

One such way is to develop your cycling power.

In this blog from Brownlee Fitness coach Andy, he shares his 5 top tips from well over a decade of coaching and competing at the highest level for being more powerful on the bike.

Check it out, and start seeing your rides get quicker, easier AND more fun, starting today.


Brownlee Fitness


Tip 3 is something I hardly see anyone outside of Brownlee Fitness do.

We all know how important this is, but most cyclists push this one right to the backburner.

Are you guilty of it too?

See what I’m talking about here.


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