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Teamwork makes the…

If you thought triathlon was an individual sport, think again.

Sure, when you’re out there, gunning it hard on the road, or racing down the final straight of the track, it’s all on you and you alone.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go solo, all the time.

In fact, being too much of a lone wolf has the potential to backfire.

We’ve all been there, sitting on the sofa after a long day at work, knowing we should get out there and put in the miles, but struggling like mad to get the motivation.

Or waking up to that 05:30 alarm, listening to the rain and wind outside, dreading the 10k run we’ve got scheduled.

I’m sure, like me, most of the time you get your act together and brave the fatigue and the elements to get your training done.

But sometimes, we all skip a session.

Or we make it out there, but don’t work nearly as hard as we could.

Or perhaps you do train hard, but you grit your teeth through every moment, and can’t wait to be finished.

Well, that’s where being part of a team can be a lifeline.

Because when you’re part of a team, not only do you have others pushing you on…

But you become an integral part in motivating others, too.

That’s powerful.

All of a sudden, the excuses are out of the window.

You want to train a whole lot more.

You perform better, and your enjoyment of the whole triathlon experience ramps up.

This is what we love so much about The Brownlee Fitness Squad.

Despite all being at different levels, and all competing in different events, every Squad member has each others’ backs.

Sure, we don’t often meet in-person.

But our online community is second-to-none.

The breakthroughs people have and the friends they make is incredible.

I know I speak for everyone on the team when I say that every time I open up our squad app, I get a real buzz from seeing everyone’s wins come in.

It’s truly something special.

And if you’d like to be a part of that, just hit this link to check out how The Squad works.

If The Squad isn’t for you right now though, then have a think about how else you can introduce teamwork to your training.

Could you start your own online group?

Join a local club?

Or even seek out other triathletes in the area and head out for a ride or run together?

Chances are, you may be fine going it alone.

But we all benefit from some teamwork every now and again.

So don’t let a lack of group support hold you back.


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