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Do you know your SWOLF score?

If not, that could be the reason why your performances in the pool aren’t where they should be.

And if you’re not even sure what SWOLF means, here’s the lowdown…

SWOLF is a combination of ‘Swim’ and ‘Golf.’

Your SWOLF score is a combination of the time it takes you to swim a length, and the number of strokes taken.

So if it takes you 30 seconds to swim a length and you take 20 strokes, that’s a score of 50.

And just like in golf, a lower score is better.

This all sounds great.

But what do you actually do with your SWOLF score?

Are there any limitations?

And how can we train specifically to drive our score as low as possible?

Well, Brownlee Fitness head swim coach Nick has you covered with these two fantastic articles: SWOLF Part 1 SWOLF Part 2 Head on over to the blog, and check them out. Pete CMO, Brownlee Fitness


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