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Fuel your Performance, boost your endurance

At Brownlee Fitness, we understand that nutrition is a cornerstone of endurance sports. Whether you're a triathlete or an endurance athlete, your body's fuelling needs are unique and critical to your performance. That's why our specialised Nutrition Service is designed to empower your training and racing with science-backed, personalised nutrition strategies.

Nutrition Tailored for Triathletes and Endurance Athletes

Personalised Nutrition Plans

Science-Based Advice

Performance-Driven Fueling

Ongoing Support:

Nutrition Plan Features

Individual Consultations

One-on-one sessions with our expert nutritionists to assess your unique needs.


Custom Meal Plans

Tailored meal plans that cater to your training schedule, dietary preferences, and nutritional requirements.


Supplement Advice:

Recommendations on safe and effective supplements to enhance your performance.


Ongoing Support:

Regular check-ins to adjust your plan as needed and provide continuous support.


Why Choose Our Nutrition Plan

Expertise in Triathlon and Endurance Sports

Specialised knowledge in the unique nutritional demands of endurance sports. A well-planned diet can boost your immune system, reducing the likelihood of illness and keeping you healthy and training consistently. This is especially important for endurance athletes who often push their bodies to the limit, which can sometimes compromise immune function.

Complete Approach

We look at your overall lifestyle, not just your training, to optimise your nutrition.  Our service provides personalised nutrition plans focused on recovery, helping to reduce muscle soreness, replenish energy stores, and repair tissues, enabling you to train effectively and consistently.

Proven Results

Our team comprises seasoned runners and Olympic level coaches who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. This means you'll receive expert guidance on everything from running techniques and injury prevention to nutrition and mental strategies, helping you to train smarter and achieve your goals more effectively.

Enhanced Energy Management

Our nutrition service helps you understand how to effectively manage your energy levels through proper nutrition, ensuring you have the stamina for both training and competitions. This is crucial for endurance sports where energy conservation and efficient use are key to success.

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1-2-1 consultation

Low cost one off fee that includes a nutrition specific plan designed to improve fuel your performance, boost your endurance and aid recovery. 

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Ask AL

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