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Don’t buy today

Tomorrow, we’re going LIVE with our brand new Strength Plan for Triathletes program.

This is designed to help you -

Bulletproof your body from injury, by developing ironclad muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Improve your efficiency and technique, meaning you see improvements in strength and endurance, without more zone 2 and zone 3 work.

Tap into your top end power and explosiveness, so you become a more powerful, durable athlete.

Give you a structured program to follow, so you finally see the benefits of your S&C training on the road, at the track, or in the water.

Easily fit strength training into your week, even if you have a high-stress job, a busy family life, and already struggle to get all your training done.

Share the exact protocols, workouts and exercises Al, Jonny, and all the Brownlee Fitness coaches and athletes use to keep them in peak condition year-round.

Give you that extra edge over your competition, by accessing new levels of performance you can’t get from aerobic work alone.

And a whole lot more.

When you join, you get a plan tailored exactly to you.

We also update everything every 4 weeks, which guarantees you actually see the results of your hard work.

Feeling fatigued?

No problem. We can drop the volume.

Want to work on specific weak areas?

That’s fine too. Simply let us know, and the plan can be adjusted.

This really is like having your very own S&C coach in your back pocket, providing customised strength sessions proven to boost your performance, no matter whether you’re a rookie triathlete, or a 30-year vet.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy being a part of, watch out for my email tomorrow.

We’re giving you the chance to be one of our founding members, and get access for an incredible price.

I won’t reveal what that price is.

But I will say, it’s LESS than you’d pay for half a dozen carb gels.

Catch you tomorrow.


CMO, Brownlee Fitness


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