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Discover the Ultimate Triathlon Training Subscription with Brownlee Fitness Plans+

Are you an athlete chasing after specific race goals or someone who aims to enhance their fitness dynamically? Look no further; Brownlee Fitness Plans+ is here to elevate your training regimen, offering a training subscription that is second to none in the triathlon world.

Designed to suit everyone, from individuals targeting specific race events to those wishing to advance their Triathlon performance, Plans+ has got it all covered.

Tailored to Your Goals

With Plans+, say goodbye to static and uninspiring training plans. Choose from over 20 different training strategies, each crafted meticulously by the acclaimed Brownlee Brothers. This assortment assures that every athlete finds a plan that resonates with their training objectives, whether it’s advancing your run speed, enhancing your bike power, or working on swimming efficiency.

Race Specific Plans

Are you gearing up for a specific race? Share your race details with us, and watch as we tailor a plan just for you, taking into account every intricacy to provide a program that aligns seamlessly with your race objectives.

Focused Training

Under the guidance of Plans+, you have the ability to train with a distinct focus. Want to develop a robust bike power or hone your swimming efficiency? Select a plan that zeroes in on your desired area and watch your proficiency grow in leaps and bounds.

Post-Race Maintenance

Once you cross that finish line, our commitment to you doesn't end. Opt for a maintenance schedule to keep the momentum going or choose a new training focus to start working on. This continuous cycle ensures that you are always moving forward, always improving.

All in One Subscription

The Brownlee Fitness Plans+ stands as a beacon in the fitness industry, offering the only training subscription you will ever need - all for just £30 per month! Get unlimited access to the treasure trove of training plans devised by the Brownlee Brothers, delivered straight to your complimentary TrainingPeaks Premium account.

The Path to Success

Step into a world of focused training with Brownlee Fitness Plans+. Choose your objective, and let us pave the road to your success. Whether you are a beginner embarking on your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete striving for higher peaks, Plans+ is designed to be your ultimate training companion, facilitating growth, focus, and unparalleled results.

Join the Brownlee Fitness Plans+ today and redefine what you thought was possible in your fitness journey. Let's race towards a fitter, better you, together.


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