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The ultimate coached training and racing subscription

One monthly subscription and you can access all our triathlon, running, cycling, strength and swimming training plans

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Targeting a particular distance or race? Receive Olympic-level coaching and the backing of a supportive community

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What sets Plans+ apart is you can move between training plans anytime with the added benefit of a specific training focus

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For just £35pm this is the only training subscription you will ever need

Triathlon Plan
Cycling Plan
Swim Plan
Strength Plan
Running Plan

What's included in Plans+

Here at Brownlee Fitness we offer a straightforward pricing model known as Plans+. Our goal is to make high-quality training plans widely accessible by providing them at an affordable, single monthly rate. Whether you're into triathlons, running, cycling, or swimming, we have a tailored plan for you. With our Plans+ subscription, you have the flexibility to switch between plans whenever your training goals or aspirations change.

Personalised to you 

No matter if you're starting out, at an advanced level, or an elite athlete, our expert coaches have crafted training plans to maximise your training journey. Each of our training plans is customised to match your skill level and experience, with every session tailored to your specific pace and power.

Delivered to your device 

Each workout is conveniently sent straight to your device, making it simple to understand and carry out. Whether you're running, cycling, or swimming, the necessary data and feedback are immediately accessible.

Training session feedback 

Every session brings an in-depth analysis of your workout, offering valuable insights into your performance and overall health. Our coaches review your workouts, providing personalised tips and encouragement to ensure you continually progress and develop.

Coach messaging & community 

You can reach out to our coaching team at any time and tap into the extensive support from the Brownlee Fitness member community. Our platform hosts dedicated groups for training, racing, and education, accessible 24/7, where coaches and members come together to exchange insights and experiences. 

One subscription to all The Brownlee Brothers training and race plans
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Plans+ offers you access to all the Brownlee Brothers training plans for a low cost monthly fee.



Pay for Plans+ annually and receive a 20% discount 

Don't take our word it 

We have happy athletes from all over the world 

Don't take our word for it..

We have happy athletes from all over the world


Only gone and done it…first ever sub 6 hour Middle
Distance Tri - thank you Brownlee Fitness.


Being part of such a dynamic community is fantastic, and the training plan has been instrumental in enhancing my performance.


This doesn’t happen very often, so I thought I’d share.  Third place in sprint triathlon at Cholmondeley castle. Thank You Brownlee Fitness.


Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire, a tough one in the heat and a challenging run course. PB’s in all 3 disciplines for the course! Thank you Brownlee Fitness.

Choose your race distance

Your plan is personalised to your experience and race distance

All in one subscription

The only training subscription you will ever need.

Select a race specific plan

Tell us what race you've entered and we'll build a plan specific to the course 

Train with a specific focus

Want to improve your run speed, bike power of swimming efficiency, select a plan with a focus 

Once completed maintain

Once you've completed a plan or a race you can opt for a maintenance schedule train for or a specific focus or switch plans

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