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Just want to run?

Do you prefer pounding the pavements to making waves in the pool?

Or perhaps you’re much more keen on heading for the trails than the bike track?

While the Brownlee name may be synonymous with triathlon, more and more we’ve had athletes come to us who just want to run.

They’ve seen the crazy times and improvements our clients have put in over 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances, and while they have no desire to don a pair of Speedos or jump on a Ribble or Trek anytime soon……they definitely want some of that running action.

If you’re feeling the same, I think you’ll love the coaching, guidance and support our run-specific programs give you.

Everything is set up specifically for you.

That means whatever level you’re at, whatever distance you’re running, and no matter how much time you have available.

Plus, you don’t just get a program.

You get access to your own coach, and an incredibly supportive community of fellow runners.

Considering most running coaches charge £100, £200, even £300 per month, at just £35 per month (with no minimum commitment,) the Brownlee Fitness Running Plan is a steal.


Just hit reply.

Myself or one of our coaches is more than happy to answer.


Brownlee Fitness


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