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Despite being a great movie, ‘Forrest Gump’ certainly didn’t set a good example for runners.


The advice of “Run, Forrest, Run” might have worked for a dude trying to run across America with the sole goal of getting away from his problems…

But if you’re really trying to improve your performance, you can’t ‘just run.’

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for just doing what you fancy.

Running can be massively therapeutic.

And there’s a lot to be said for simply getting out in nature, burning a few calories, and getting the heart rate up.

While that might cut it for your average recreational runner though, to truly get faster and build top-tier endurance, you need something more specific.

This is our brand new, run-specific program, geared up for anyone looking to hit their best times in any distance from 5k to ultra marathon.

Not only do you get your very own plan, tailored to your target distance, your experience and your schedule …

You get bespoke coaching feedback, too. 

Plus -


  • Entry to an amazing, supportive community of fellow Brownlee Fitness athletes.  

  • Access to world class run coaches who’ve coached athletes all the way up to Olympic level.  

  • Nutrition support and advice, so you fuel and recover optimally, leaving you feeling strong and fresh between workouts.  

  • High-level data tracking and performance analysis, ensuring no gains are ever left on the table.   

  • Messaging support from your coach, so you’re never left feeling confused, and can get up-to-the-minute tweaks to your program as needed.  

  • Training and recovery insights, giving you an extra edge over your competition, so you hit those ‘marginal gains’ and get faster, stronger and fitter in the simplest, quickest way possible.

Right now, access to The Brownlee Fitness Running Plan is just £35 per month.

And there’s no minimum commitment, so you can try us out for 1 month, and see how you feel.

Clearly, we’re very confident you’ll feel amazing!

You’ll love seeing your times drop, your fitness improve, and you’ll feel your runs getting easier, week by week.

But if for any reason you don’t want to carry on, we don’t tie you into any long-term contracts.

So if your running training’s had you a bit down in the dumps…

If you’re fed up of training hard, but only staying the same, or worse - getting slower…

And if you know that you can’t ‘just run’ if you want to get faster…

Click here to join The Brownlee Fitness Running plan, and start seeing your performance skyrocket, today.


Brownlee Fitness


I should add -


The Running Program is NOT a case of being given a plan and then left to your own devices.

Your coach will be on-hand to assist you as much as you need.

If you’re super self-motivated and prefer just to get on with things?

Cool. That’s totally fine.

But if you appreciate the extra support, guidance and encouragement…

Or you know you might need to change some things up, or reach out for extra help with things like nutrition, pre-race strategy or recovery…

Just know your coach is there to guide you, every step of the way.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s a pretty good deal for just £35 a month.


Contrary to the rumours that have been going round, no, Forrest Gump is NOT the latest addition to The Brownlee Fitness Coaching Squad.

I can only apologise for any hearts that have just broken reading that news.

😉But I can assure you, all our coaches are legitimately world class, with decades of experience, and genuinely can’t wait to help you with their running.

Even if they don’t have epic beards or own a shrimp fishing company.


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