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Do this if you want to get stronger

Triathlon training has advanced so much in just the last few years.

But one aspect that’s still stuck in “the dark ages” is strength training.

Even new athletes know the importance of nutrition, hydration, and training zones.

Yet strength training?

Many triathletes dedicate a few hours each week to gym workouts that may not optimally enhance their performance.

Others might overlook the importance of strength training entirely.

This approach can result in missing out on potential improvements in their triathlon training and racing.

So in this email, we want to let you in on the biggest mistake most triathletes makes when it comes to hitting the weights:

Treating strength training like endurance.

What does this mean?

Well, a lot of endurance athletes think their strength work should replicate their training on the bike, on the road or in the water.

So they do lots of high reps, thinking muscular endurance = cardio endurance.

Or they drop the weights right down, so they can perform sets that last for minutes.

Or maybe they try “run-specific” or “swim-specific” exercises.

Now, I’m not saying these are a total waste of time …

But the bottom line is, strength training should look very different from your endurance training.

Strength training is there to build strength. Not boost your aerobic capacity.

It shouldn’t look or feel anything like your zone 2 or threshold sessions.

And that’s what we want to help you fix.

In this customised, targeted strength and conditioning program, we give you everything you need to:

Increase explosive power so you maximise your running efficiency, reduce ground contact time, and develop that vital ‘kick’ for the end of races.

Bulletproof your joints so you can hit high-volume training blocks without fear of injury.

Reduce time-to-exhaustion and muscular fatigue, thanks to muscles that are better able to withstand constant effort.

Improve your stability (and mobility) so you’re less prone to strains and sprains, and feel springy, powerful and strong year-round.

And above all - Build the strongest body possible to excel in triathlon.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced triathlete, everything is customised to you.

We have plans based around whatever equipment you have available.

You get program updates every 4 weeks.

Routines include aspects of dynamic stability and activation, as well as pure strength building.

And you get personal help from our expert S&C coaches, who’ve coached athletes to the highest levels across the globe.

Plus, until tomorrow night at midnight, you can join for just £15.

Don’t let strength training stay a “guessing game.”

Get expert help, a personalised plan, and start reaping the rewards of a stronger, more powerful body, today.


CMO, Brownlee Fitness


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