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Closing soon

The founder member offer for The Brownlee Fitness Strength Plan for Triathletes Program is closing soon.

After tomorrow night, we won’t be offering this special introductory rate again.

£15 would buy you 41 days of Netflix…

2 swimming caps…

About one tenth of a wetsuit…

Or 0.0013% of a Canyon Speedmax CFR eTap.

Or, it can buy you a whole month on our strength program.

Now, who knows - Maybe you want a wetsuit sleeve.

But personally, I feel £15 is much better spent on building a stronger, more powerful, more resilient body.

Too many endurance athletes put strength training as an afterthought.

And that’s why they often end up perpetually injured, or struggling to find that top end speed and power.

But it doesn’t have the be that way.

A done-for-you, personalised solution is just a click away.

We can’t hit the gym and lift the weights for you…

But we can do the next best thing.

And do it at a price that’s incredibly affordable.


CMO, Brownlee Fitness


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