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Brownlee Fitness and ZEN8: Elevating Your Swim Training

Triathlon training is all about pushing boundaries and constantly striving for improvement. That's why we are excited to announce a powerful partnership between two leading brands in the world of endurance sports and fitness: Brownlee Fitness and ZEN8. This collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive dryland training solution, helping you enhance your swimming performance while maximising efficiency, strength, and technique. Why Brownlee Fitness and ZEN8? Brownlee Fitness is renowned for its expert coaching and triathlon training programs. With a focus on helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals, Brownlee Fitness has established itself as a trusted name in the triathlon community. ZEN8, has revolutionised indoor swim training with its innovative swim trainer. Designed to improve your swimming technique, power, and endurance, ZEN8's swim trainer offers an effective and convenient way to train your swim, even when you can't make it to the pool. The Perfect Synergy: By combining Brownlee Fitness's coaching expertise with ZEN8's cutting-edge indoor swim trainer, this partnership offers a unique training experience. Triathletes can now access a comprehensive training solution tailored to their specific needs, ensuring they can optimise their swim training and achieve their goals. Exclusive Offers and Promotions: As part of this collaboration, Brownlee Fitness members can look forward to exclusive access to ZEN8's indoor swim trainer and special discounts. This partnership will also bring a series of events and promotions designed to help you get the most out of your triathlon training journey. The partnership between Brownlee Fitness and ZEN8 is a testament to both brands' commitment to helping athletes reach their full potential. Keep an eye out for more details about this collaboration, and get ready to take your triathlon training to new heights. Dive into more information at the link below:


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