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Under Recovery and the effect on Training

A lot of athletes suffer from under-recovery through different periods of their training. More often than not it happens as they build up to a big race and the intensity of their training ramps.

How do you Spot it?

There are a few telling signs:

  • Sleep starts to change. You will likely feel exhausted all the time and feel like there isn’t enough sleep in the day, or you’ll start to get more broken sleep.

  • Food habits change. You can either feel starving all the time or lose interest in food.

  • Performance starts to suffer. You’ll hit the wall quicker, or you might find that you can’t get past a distance or time in your training.

  • You are sore all of the time.

If you find this happening, look at your normal diet and consider whether you have enough calories in your diet to fuel what you are currently doing.

Secondly, consider whether you have enough protein, carbs, and fats in your diet.

If you lack one of the key macronutrients, you could start seeing adverse effects.

Try adding extra protein and a few more carbs in the first instance. If you don’t feel any difference, start to increase your fats.

And if you struggle, why not book a nutrition consultation, and we will work through what needs to change in your diet.


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