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TrainingPeaks x Brownlee Fitness

Brownlee Fitness and TrainingPeaks Partnership: Unlock Your Potential With Performance Programming and Data.

Brownlee Fitness and TrainingPeaks have partnered up to provide an exciting opportunity for Triathletes, Duathlete's, Runners and Cyclists.

Brownlee Fitness subscribers now gain access to TrainingPeaks Premium at no additional cost. This premium access provides advanced features, personalised metrics, and data-driven insights. It enables Brownlee Fitness to optimise its training plans, track progress, and deliver performance notifications / updates as they happen.

What It Means for You:

As a Brownlee Fitness subscriber, you can now tap into the full potential of your training. TrainingPeaks Premium empowers you to fine-tune workouts, analyse data, and optimise recovery. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace, structured, evidence-based training.

Seize the Opportunity:

Existing Brownlee Fitness subscribers have an invaluable resource at their fingertips. TrainingPeaks Premium can transform your fitness journey, helping you overcome plateaus and achieve new heights. If you're considering joining Brownlee Fitness, this partnership provides even more incentive to get started.

The Brownlee Fitness and TrainingPeaks partnership unlocks a world of possibilities for fitness enthusiasts. Embrace this opportunity to reach your fitness goals with precision and efficiency.


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