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They said it couldn’t be done…

To become a faster, more efficient swimmer, you need an in-person coach, right?


See, despite conventional wisdom, you CAN see drastic improvements in your swim time (and efficiency) without ever having a coach there, watching over you.

That’s what our client Amanda experienced first-hand recently.

Already a good swimmer, Amanda knew her performance could be better.

Because as fit as she was, she was losing minutes to her competitors, due to her technique.

Having had in person swimming lessons before, Amanda thought it was time to try something different.

So Nick put Amanda through her paces with a virtual swim analysis, and after just one session, here’s what she reported:

Not bad, right?

To go from 2:22 per 100m to 1:51…

And to cut a full 10 strokes per 25m.

That’s some going.

But as impressive as these results may be… They’re also typical.

That’s the power of a virtual swim analysis.

Because while athletes can improve form and efficiency across the board, the pool is where the vast majority leave gains on the table.

You can kind of grit your teeth through a 5k or 10k with subpar technique.

And you can “out-fitness” technique on a bike to a degree.

But there’s nowhere to hide in the water.

That’s what we want to help you fix…

Without you needing in-person instruction, or travelling hours to come and see us.

Our virtual swim analysis sessions only take an hour.

And all you need is a camera.

You can do these in a pool, or in  open water.

Then we do the rest.

Our top swim coach Nick will personally review your footage, and get back to you with a detailed plan, telling you exactly what to improve, and how.

Then you can let him know how you’re getting on, and he can advise further.

Ultimately, we take the guesswork out of swim technique, and help you shave seconds or minutes (depending on your distance) from your time.

And considering this in-depth analysis is about the cost of a steak dinner with wine for two…

If you’re looking to crush your next event, and take your swim game up a notch, it’d be crazy not to check out how this works.

We’d love to work with you on this.

But even if now isn’t quite the right time for you to book in an analysis, at least do me a favour?

Don’t let yourself get away with sloppy technique.

You probably know at least a couple of things you could do to help improve your efficiency in the pool.

So in your next session, really work on your form.

Your future self will thank you for it.




I should mention -- After seeing the rapid results from her single session with Nick, Amanda signed up for 1-2-1 coaching.

She realised that if her performance could improve this much from just 1 hour and a few simple drills, that she’d go up a whole other level with personalised programming and more frequent touchpoints with a coach.

If that’s something you’d like…

And you want to see exactly what you’re capable of…


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