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Setbacks Suck....

Setbacks suck.

Whether it’s an injury…

A disappointing performance…

Or just losing your mojo.

Even the most dedicated, talented athletes don’t fire on all cylinders, 365 days a year.

There’s no way to stop setbacks.

But there IS a way to bounce back quickly.

And that’s what this email is about.

We’ve all been there -

Your training’s going great.

You’re nailing every session.

And you feel fitter and stronger than you have in years.

Then all of a sudden … BOOM.

That old achilles tendonitis flares up. Or you get hit with a truck tonne of extra work. Or perhaps you just lose all your momentum due to stress at home.

This is perfectly normal.

And no athlete should ever feel “less than” for experiencing human emotions, and not being some David Goggins-like motivational monologue all the time.

But how can you stop this minor blip turning into something more long-term, that derails your training for months?

In this blog, Brownlee Fitness’ very own mindset master, Jorge Boim runs through his top 6 strategies for overcoming setbacks.

These are the same strategies Jorge’s used with Brownlee Fitness squad members of all abilities.

So if you’ve hit a bit of a low patch, just can’t seem to get motivated, or an injury’s keeping you from training at your best -


CMO, Brownlee Fitness


Jorge’s expertise has been invaluable for so many Brownlee Fitness athletes.

Myself included.

A lot of our guys have experienced these natural setbacks, and working with Jorge has got them back on track, FAST.

Likewise, they’ve maybe suffered with pre-race nerves.

Or straight up fallen out of love with training.

This is all in Jorge’s wheelhouse.

So if you’d like to book a session with the man himself, and see just why Al, Jonny, and all the clients and coaches at Brownlee Fitness put so much trust in him -


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