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NEOM Beach Games

This weekend saw Jonny step up to the plate at the NEOM Beach Games.

Jonny finished second last year, narrowly missing out to Australia’s Matthew Hauser.

So this year, he was primed, and ready to go all-out.

What do you think the key component at an event like NEOM is?

VO2 max?

Zone 2 fitness?

Nope, and nope.

It’s actually speed.

Speed is something EVERY triathlete needs.

Whether you’re doing sprint distance, Olympic, a half Ironman or even a full Ironman.

Sure, triathlon is technically an endurance sport, but being quick off the mark and having that top end speed and power is CRUCIAL.

And it’s something Jonny has in buckets.

And it's something every Brownlee Athlete has programmed in their training plan.

So if you’ve been feeling a little sluggish when it comes to your top-end paces, or just you want to give your speed a bit of a boost as we head into the Winter...

Why not take a look at the various plans we offer here.

With something for every triathlete, regardless of ability, our expert coaching, community and support is there to take your speed, strength and fitness to the next level.

Got a specific race coming up?

Feeling a little “flat” and want an uplift from an amazing triathlon community, and expert level coaching?

Or if you’re looking to really get that personal factor, and train directly with the coaches responsible for AB and JB’s success …

As always, if you have questions, my inbox is open.

Enjoy the video. 🙂


CMO Brownlee Fitness


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