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It's Three not Two...

A week ago, we told you about Brownlee Fitness athletes Adam and Morag.

They took 1st and 3rd place respectively at the British Duathlon Championships.

Well… it wasn't two Podiums it was actually three!

Marius, one of Age Group athletes, only went and placed second in the British Duathlon Championships.

Marius is a true Brownlee Fitness superstar, and embodies everything we stand for.

He’s hard-working…


And best of all, highly adaptable.

He knows he won’t always have “the perfect day,” but he gets the job done anyway.

Plus, he has FUN with his training.

(Which is something so easily forgotten in the pursuit of glory.)

Incredible job, Marius …

Like all our athletes, we’d never take credit for Marius’ success.

It’s HIM who’s out there, putting in the work come rain or shine.

But Marius is smart.

And he knows the power of a skilled coach taking on the stress of his programming.

That’s why he signed up with Brownlee Fitness in the first place…

And why he still trusts us to handle all his training needs.

Sometimes, we get so close to our own training, it’s hard to know what we need to do.

You can end up over-working on your strong points and under-training your weak areas…

And even vice versa.

But with a competent, caring coach in your corner, you know, with certainty, that you’re doing precisely what you need to, to take you to the next level.

That’s why we’re the best in the business at helping athletes achieve THEIR peak potential.

(And yes, I’m biassed… But it’s probably true!)

So if you’re looking to gain that extra edge in your next race…

Or you’re simply wondering just how far you can go with an expert coach and a structured plan in your corner…

This is our top-tier, most bespoke level of coaching.

You get your very own Brownlee Fitness coach, who’ll give you a fully personalised plan, as well as daily feedback.

Got questions?

They have you covered.

Need to tweak anything because you’re away, under-the-weather, or just need a switch up?

No problem, they can sort it.

And we don’t just stop at the training side of things, either.

All our coaches are fully qualified to help you with nutrition, recovery, and even mindset.

Our 1-2-1 coaching really is the full package.

And it’s why athletes like Marius, as well as Adam and Morag who we told you about last week, keep putting their trust in us.

1-2-1 coaching isn’t for everyone.

But if you’re looking to really level up your fitness, strength and mental game, FAST, check it out, and see how one of our coaches can help you.


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