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How to improve your recovery phase of front crawl, with the Shark fin drill

Are you struggling with dragging arms during the recovery phase of your swim? This can cause fatigue, shorten your stroke, and disrupt your technique. Such issues can negatively affect your performance and efficiency in the water.

Fortunately, the shark fin swim drill is an effective method to correct this swim fault.

Here's how to perform the drill:

While kicking in a side position, lift your elbow slowly and firmly to its apex, then slide your fingers back down your side. Repeat this motion twice before rotating to breathe.

When lifting your elbow, focus on keeping it high and bent with a relaxed wrist. This drill is similar to the 6/3/6 kick drill, but it emphasizes the recovery phase and timing of your stroke. Remember that your lead-arm should not begin pulling until your shoulders rotate to flat. Additionally, pressing out before pulling is essential for an efficient stroke.

By practicing this drill, you will learn the correct recovery technique and maintain it as you add a stroke. Notice how the thumb angle rotates down for the catch, as this is a key component of the proper recovery technique.

In summary, the shark fin swim drill is an excellent way to improve your swim technique, correct faults, and enhance your overall performance in the water.


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