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For runners who love coffee....

We make no secret of the fact we’re big coffee fans here at Brownlee Fitness.

Not only do most of our team love the taste of a breshly brewed filter, a double strength espresso, or an oat milk flat white…

But we’re big on the performance benefits of caffeine, too.

Recently, we’ve been trying out Pace Coffee at the team HQ. 

If you don’t know Pace Coffee, they’re a company started by runners, for runners.

All their coffee comes from Ethiopia, which has a rich running history, and is also the birthplace of Arabica beans.

And what’s even better is, they get a lot of their coffee from a farm run by none other than double Olympic champion Haile Gebrselassie. 

Yup, the Haile Gebrselassie. 

(I assume you don’t know any other Haile Gebrselassies, but hey - always worth making sure. 🙂)

Anyway, because we’ve been getting all our Team Brownlee coffee from Pace recently, the guys over there have been kind enough to offer us a special discount.

And you can use it, too.

Simply go to , select what you want, and enter code BROWNLEE10 at checkout to get 10% off year-round.


So whether you’re looking for a coffee to get you amped up and ready for your next training session or race…

Or you’re just a caffeine fiend who’s looking to add a great-tasting coffee to your repertoire…

Give Pace a go, and save 10% in the process.


Brownlee Fitness


Pace are also doing great work for the charity - Footwork.

Footwork’s aim is to eliminate podoconiosis (or ‘podo’), a non-infectious geochemical disease arising in barefoot subsistence farmers whose feet are in long-term contact with irritant red clay soil of volcanic origins.

Podo can lead to acute pain in the lower limbs, as well as severe stigma from health workers and members of their own communities, and affects an estimated 1.5 million people in Ethiopia, with roughly 35 million thought to be at risk.

£1 from every pack of Champion’s Choice and the Podium Bundle go to Footwork.

This helps fund shoes and medical treatment for thiose affected, in the quest to bring an end to this disease.

So not only can you save 10% on your caffeine fix, you’re helping a great cause at the same time. 



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