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Adam's story....

Since 2018 Adam has been competing at World Championships debuting in Denmark.

He knew he was switched on with his training, but also saw the value in hiring a coach.

A year ago, tired of spinning his wheels and working through plans on his own, Adam reached out to us at Brownlee Fitness.

We analysed his strengths and discussed areas Adam wanted to work on and we created a plan.

Adam got to work.

Gradually, his performances got stronger and stronger.

And last year, he lined up at the start line in Ibiza

With a podium position at the World Duathlon Champs at stake, Adam was prepared and ready to give it his all.

And he smashed it, not only winning his age group and being crowned world champion, but also finishing third overall.

We couldn’t be more proud of Adam.

Because here was a guy already training hard, already nailing the consistency, and already at the top of his game …

Yet together we still managed to find that extra edge, to go from podium finisher, to winning the world champs.

Way to go, Adam.

Now, it was Adam who did ALL the work here.

We couldn’t jump on the bike, or crush those miles on the road for him.

But what we were able to do was take a step back, and look at Adam’s training plan and approach.

We could see exactly what he needed to improve, to get him where he wanted to be.

Sometimes, it takes that extra pair of eyes to remove the guesswork, and create a plan you know is getting you fitter, stronger and faster.

It’s actually easy to train hard.

But it’s hard to train smart.

We don’t just help athletes like Adam do this though.

Yes, we work with a lot of athletes and triathletes who are looking to really dial in those top performances, and grab a podium place every race.

But we also work with mid-pack athletes, and those just starting out.

We love helping people smash their triathlon goals.

Plain and simple.

So whether you’re an elite athlete who simply wants to take the stress out of planning your own training, and gain an extra 1-2% …

Or you’re brand new to the sport, and want someone to guide you on your journey …

We have a plan (and a coach) for you.

We can’t promise to get you to the Worlds, like we did for Adam.

But we can promise you, we’ll give you first class care, attention and coaching, so you can be the best triathlete you can be.


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