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Strength Plan For Triathletes

The Brownlee Fitness Strength & Condition (S&C) programme aims to progress an athletes competency in the gym or at home, to increase their strength, robustness and movement quality, all whilst supporting their Triathlon training.

The programme features mobility, activation, stability and strengthening exercises with the two main purposes of reducing injury risk and improving performance. It is specifically structured to create robustness by strengthening joints and conditioning tissues that can be susceptible to fatigue and injury in the rigorous sport of Triathlon.

Increase your strength, robustness and movement quality

Targeted Strength & Conditioning, workout from home or in a gym

Updates every 4 weeks.  personalised plans available

Tailored for Busy Athletes

Suitable for All Levels, choose bodyweight only or with weights

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Plans+ offers you access to all the Brownlee Brothers training plans for a low cost monthly fee.



Pay for Plans+ annually and receive a 20% discount 

Strength Plan Features

Targeted Strength Training:

The program focuses on enhancing athletes' gym competency, increasing strength, robustness, and movement quality, all to support their Triathlon training.


Tailored for Busy Athletes:

Designed for busy triathletes and endurance athletes, accommodating their hectic schedules. The workouts can be followed at home or in the gym. There's no need for any equipment, but if you want to use weights you can.


Updates Every 4 weeks

The program updates every  4 weeks and includes mobility, activation, stability, and strengthening exercises, primarily aimed at reducing injury risk and enhancing performance in the demanding sport of Triathlon.


Suitable for All Levels:

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced triathlete, there's a tailored strength and conditioning program available to meet your specific needs and goals.


Ask AL

Ask AL

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