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Beginner Plan

Beginner squad and training plans designed specifically for those new to Triathlon 

Dynamic Individualised Training

Welcome To The Beginner Programme

Hyper personalised coaching, calibrated to your race distance, experience and lifestyle.

"Our beginner coaching service is designed for individuals new to triathlon. Our Olympic level coaches will be there every step of the way to get you started and ready on race day".

Individualised Beginner Training Plan

Built on Alistair & Jonny's training methodology

All in one subscription

The highest level of support built around you

Built in race specific plans

We work with you to ensure you perform at your best on race day

Train with a specific focus

Want to improve your run speed, bike power of swimming efficiency, select a plan with a focus 

Once completed maintain

Once you've completed a plan or a race you can opt for a maintenance schedule or a specific training focus

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Plans+ offers you access to all the Brownlee Brothers training plans for a low cost monthly fee.



Pay for Plans+ annually and receive a 20% discount 

Ask AL

Ask AL

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