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RAF Triathlon
With Brownlee Fitness

The Brownlee Fitness RAF Triathlon Squad subscription offers personalised swim, bike, run, and strength programs that adjust to your fitness, experience, and race distance.


It's all delivered via Training Peaks Premium, which is  included in your subscription, right to your device.


RAF Triathletes receive a significant discount, simply head over to the Squad page and sign up for the beginner plan for £25pm - however all RAF Athletes will automatically be placed on the Premium Plan (normal price £70pm)

Included with each subscription:

Training Plan & TrainingPeaks Premium

Your Training plan is delivered via TrainingPeaks Premium, it's personalised based on your experience, race distance and any specific events. You let us know your key races and eight weeks out your plan automatically adjusts. Alistair and Jonny have followed this approach for over 20 years with great success. The rolling plan keeps you fit all year round and ready to increase intensity closer to key race events. 

Weekly Squad ZWIFT training & races

These take place every Wednesday at 6:30pm with two 30 minute sessions. The first 30 minutes focuses on technique and performance. The second 30 mins is a race base on Watts Per Kilo, with a focus on good form. 

Bi-Weekly Squad Google Meet

Twice a month the Squad meets online with the coaching team to knowledge share and answer specific any questions you've got. 


Where possible Alistair, Jonny, Non and Richard Varga join us to provide rich insights into their current training plans / approaches.  We also have Squad Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Weekly Squad Swim

Every Monday at 7pm there is a coached, 1 hour swim squad meet in Portsmouth. The session can be booked online, we're hoping to expand these sessions throughout the country.  

Weekly Squad Cycle 

Every Sunday the Squad meets at 9am in Botley (Nr Southampton) for a coached 3 hour ride across the South Downs. The Squad is organised into Watts per Kilo. We're hoping to expand these sessions throughout the country.   

Weekly Squad Run

Evert Monday evening at 7pm in Hamble (near Southampton) the squad meets for a coached Run session. The sessions vary in distance and intensity. We're hoping to expand these sessions throughout the country. 

RAF Training Day

We will host a one day training event towards the end of the year, at RAF Leeming, or nearby. This unique event will provide RAF Squad members the opportunity to meet and train with Alistair and Jonny and learn from their 20+ years' training and racing experience. Further details to follow. 

Mark Buckingham (Bucko), Head Coach at Brownlee Fitness explains Alistair and Jonny's 20+ year training methodology. 

Training Methodology Explained 

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