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Why Focusing on the Big Picture Matters

“Most people fail in life, because they major in the minor things.”

That’s a quote from personal development guru, Tony Robbins.

And there’s a lot of truth in it.

We’ve seen this firsthand at Brownlee Fitness.

Athletes come to us, worrying about whether they need 60g or 80g of carbs per hour.

Or whether they should be doing tempo sessions or intervals. 

Or what the perfect cycling cadence is for them.

Do all these things matter?

Yes, absolutely.

Trouble is, most of the time, the people stressing over these things don’t need to worry about them yet.

Because quite often, they’re not even managing to get in consistent training blocks.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand wanting to evaluate the small details.

I did this too, when I started out.

But it’s a classic case of “majoring in the minor.”

It was only when I first came to Brownlee Fitness did I have that mindset drummed out of me. 

And that’s what we help our athletes with, too.

Overthinking can ruin your performances. 

So if we have athletes who are stressing a bit too much over the little things, we just tell them to take a step back.

All the things I mentioned above -- carb intake, types of interval session, and cycling cadence -- they’re not UNimportant…

But they’re not as important as many people think.

And having an expert coach just give you that peace of mind, and tell you to focus on the big building blocks like training consistency and load management can make it feel like a weight’s been lifted.

All of a sudden, you don’t feel so stressed.

Training becomes fun again.

And you know that actually, those tiny details you were worrying about - you can probably just let the cards fall where they may on those.

So if you’ve found yourself getting too bogged down in minor details, or you simply want a helping hand to guide you along your journey -

Check out what we can offer you with Plans+.

At just £35 per month, Plans+ is the most comprehensive, best value coached tirahlton program out there.

And even if Plans+ isn’t for you right now, just remember - 

The small stuff matters… But probably not as much as you think.


Brownlee Fitness



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