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Our Training Programme & Platform Delivered To Your Club

We're delighted to bring our training platform to Clubs of all sizes to take away the burden of programming and managing your clubs training programme.


With a mobile and desktop version, your club Athletes can access their training plans anywhere.

We take care of all the Admin

When your club signs up to the Brownlee Fitness Platform, we take care of onboarding your club members, delivering their specific plan, leaving you to manage your club community and events.

Training Programme

At the centre of the platform is Alistair and Jonny's 20+ year training methodology, which operates on a rolling 2 week basis, which is individualised to each club member based on ability, distance and race events.

Built-in Coaching Support

Programme and plan feedback is delivered via the platform, coaches are assigned to your club who answer specific training questions.

Other benefits of joining the platform

  • Rolling 2 week club training plan based on Alistair & Jonny's methodology

  • Individualised training plan for specific club member races

  • Club video meets with our coaches

  • Regular club Q&A's

  • Weekly ZWIFT/RGT

  • Squad WhatsApp Group

  • Extra discount on Huub kit

  • Extra discount on partner products

  • Exclusive Squad Kit

  • Coming soon! Priority access to Brownlee Fitness Training camps and events


Book a free 30 min Google Meet with Pete Pastides to learn more.


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