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Importance of Consistency

We can talk about things like volume, frequency, technique and nutrition all we like, but one thing rules them ALL when it comes to excelling in triathlon:

The C-word…


The most successful athletes are the ones who show up, even when they don’t want to.

Pushing hard for one session is easy.

Sticking to a training plan for a week, or even a month is easy.

What’s NOT easy is being consistent, week in, week out, for years and years.

Now, don’t worry, I don’t mean you have to do every session, exactly as written.

You can scale back if you need to.

You can have days off.

And you can even take longer breaks for things like holidays. 

‘Consistency’ doesn’t mean being perfect.

But it means being 70-80% on track, 100% of the time.

When you chase perfection, it’s easy to get off-track.

You miss one session and think - “Well, that’s this week ruined.”

Or you feel rough going into a tempo workout, but are so concerned with following your plan to the letter you do it anyway, only to end up injured, and have to take 2 weeks off.

That’s not being consistent.

That’s being headstrong!

This is why, at Brownlee Fitness, we don’t WANT our athletes to be perfect.

We want them to be consistent.

Because when you’re consistent, momentum grows.

You build an incredible aerobic base.

You actually enjoy your training.

And ultimately, you see more progress than when you try to be perfect.

So just remember that next time you worry you’re falling behind.

Something structured is always better than nothing

And lots and lots of ‘something’ workouts can still make for a pretty impressive athlete.



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