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A big, powerful set of lungs…

A healthy, high-functioning heart…

And strong, explosive legs, arms and core…

THAT is what makes a great triathlete.

Except, it’s not.

Because there’s something else that’s just as important as all these physical attributes:

What goes on in your head.

The more we research sports performance, the more we see that incredible performances are just as much about mental strength as they are about physical endurance.

You only have to look at how many top performing teams in ALL sports have mindset coaches and sports psychologists now, to see that “brain training” can’t be an afterthought anymore.

We like to think that we’re on the cutting edge when it comes to mental performance coaching at Brownlee Fitness.

Which is why we’ve long promoted one-off mental performance sessions with our matser sports psychologist, Jorge Boim.

But we realised there was a problem…

As much as a one-off session is good, that’s kind of like having just one session with a  cycling or swimming coach.

You’ll pick up some useful tips that can help your performance a little…

But that’s nothing compared to the benefits you see from having regular coaching.

That’s why we now offer monthly mental performance coaching.

With this, athletes get two full 1:1 sessions per month.

These sessions are highly personalised, and can be used to help with whatever you want to focus on.

Whether that’s reducing nerves before a big upcoming race…

Taking the stress and pressure off in training…

Or simply breaking through mental blocks that you know are holding back your performance.

Having a strong, resilient mindset really can give you that extra edge.

So if you’re looking to truly hit your athletic potential, check out monthly mental performance coaching here:

Use code Jorge10% to receive 10% off.

Simply click the middle option in the table, fill in your details, and we’ll be in touch.



This coaching is 100% virtual, so you can reap the benefits, wherever you are in the world.



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