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Updated: Jan 9

Aching knees?

Tight hips?

A painful lower back?

If any of these apply, your bike set-up could be the problem.

Getting your set-up right on the bike isn’t just about being more efficient and riding faster.

It has a lot to do with removing pain as well.

Think about it -

Your position on the bike may be 99% perfect. 

But if you’re at a 1% disadvantage for 1-4 hours at a time…

A couple of times a week…

52 weeks of the year…

That’s a whole lot of hours spent in a poor position, putting yourself at risk of imbalances and injuries.

When it comes to excelling in triathlon and endurance, your training intensity and consistency are only one factor.

One other huge factor is your technique.

That’s why, if you want to not only cut your times and improve your performance, but also ride pain-free and stay fit, strong and healthy…

This entirely virtual service uses 10 million data points (yep, 10 million, that’s not a typo) to assess your set-up and make sure every single part of your bike is tailored specifically to what you need.After just an hour, we can show you exactly how you need to set up your bike to avoid and even remove injuries, while maximising your power, endurance and technique.

Even if you’ve had a bike fit before, things can change.

Bigger, stronger muscles…

Some weight gain or weight loss…

Or compensation due to a past or current injury…

All these can mean you need a slightly different set-up.

So don’t leave anything to chance.

Book a virtual bike fit today.

Oh, and as an early ‘Happy Christmas’ we’d love to offer you 10% off.

Just go here, enter code Virtualbikefit at the checkout, and give yourself the gift of a discounted bike fit at 10% off, today.


Brownlee Fitness


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