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Fuelling for Training

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Training insights

When you exercise, your body gets its energy from two different fuel sources:

  • Carbs

  • Fats

Carbs are your body's primary fuel source, and fats are are your secondary fuel source.

If your training session is less than 60 minutes your body will predominately use carbs, but if your training session is longer, it will use both Carbs and fats.

Why Eat a Pre Training Snack?

If you don't provide adequate fuel for your body, your training will feel much harder than it should, and your performance will suffer.

Making sure you have adequate carbs is essential, and if it's a longer training session, having some fats before you start training will enable you to perform better. If your training session is longer than 90 minutes you will also need to take in intra-training carbs. The amount will be unique to each person.

How to fuel before training

When to eat: Around 30-60 minutes before you train

Food to try:

  • Bowl of granola, with fruit and low-fat yogurt (Optional - nuts)

  • Peanut butter and banana on toast

  • Porridge with butter/peanut butter and fruit

  • Homemade energy balls

  • Bananas (optional-nuts)

  • Flapjack

Want to find the nutrition approach for you?


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