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Find the Perfect Coaching Fit for You

Have you ever felt that your coach didn't quite meet your expectations?


Maybe they provided a generic plan that didn't suit your unique needs.


Perhaps they recommended an overwhelming amount of training that was hard to manage.


Or things started well but then your coach became unavailable, leaving you without guidance or timely answers to your questions.


Unfortunately, this happens.

Many triathletes have faced challenges with coaching.

Because as incredible as our industry is, and as amazing as 99.9% of the people are…

There are still some coaches who don’t really care about their athletes.

Or they do, but they’re stuck in the old school mindset of -

“Just train harder.”

This is one of the big reasons we set up Plans+.

We know that -

a) Not everyone has a budget of £100-£300 per month for coaching.

b) People have been burned by bad coaches before, and so are wary of spending too much, right off the bat, before they fully see value in a plan.

c) Lots of our subscribers and followers value flexibility in their training, and don’t want or need as much hand-holding as 1:1 coaching gives.

So if any of the above apply to you, why not check out Plans+?

With no minimum commitment…

Literally hundreds of different plans to choose from…

And the chance to be part of the ever-expanding Brownlee Fitness family…

Plans+ really is the best value coaching plan out there right now.

So check it out, and feel free to reply with any questions.


Brownlee Fitness


We often get asked - 

“Does Plans+ work for all levels of triathlete.”

And the answer to that is a definite YES!

Because we have so many plans to choose from, and because you get support and feedback to tailor your training to you…

This means we have athletes on the Plans+ squad from bright-eyed beginners, to experienced iron distance competitors, and they’re all crushing it.


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